Those Annoying Sounds of Silence 

I should admit that I do appreciate what I am aware of as “The Sounds of Silence.” Nothing is more unwinding than sitting back with some espresso and getting a charge out of the quiet as it whistled by. This has turned into a fairly rare period for me. 

I adore the quietness and I appreciate the harmony and calm it brings. 

The issue is, quietness can be taken excessively far. 

As of late, we were the objective of a fierce tropical storm who attempted to have her way with us. She grunted, huffed, puffed and stepped her way up through the state of Florida. As it turned out, in spite of the fact that there was a colossal measure of harm, it was not as terrible true to form. That is something we can say thanks to God for. 

For just about seven days, we were favored to have her quality in our state. She didn’t remain as long as we expected and we were very glad to see her go. The further north she went the less quality she had. The state of Florida basically depleted her. 

Here in Florida we are utilized to high breezes and that kind of thing. Water, downpour and flooding are a typical event here. We had some record high flooding, however in the standard, we persevered through and traversed it. 

Numerous individuals were out of power for a considerable length of time and some for quite a long time at any given moment. 

The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and her loyal friend did not lose power. We lost, be that as it may, our Internet, telephone and TV. That canvassed practically everything in our home. 

My significant other had her vehicle loaded up with gas while I then again, did not. I didn’t figure it would keep going long, so I stuck it out in light of the fact that I truly had no spot to go.

Where might I go? 

Nearly everything was shut. Indeed, even the service stations at one point shut. Eateries were shut so I couldn’t go out and eat. Along these lines, despite the fact that I didn’t have gas, I truly did not need gas. I truly had no place to go. 

I had an arrangement, however. I assumed if we needed to go some place, we could utilize my better half’s vehicle. She generally has a lot of gas, so I wasn’t stressed. 


Numerous individuals around us lost their power and I figured we would lose our own as well. We didn’t thus I was generally thankful. In any event I could set in the lounge with the forced air system on having a good time. 

As the days transformed into beyond what I can recall, it began to get rather exhausting. We had no Internet or telephone or TV so I didn’t have an inkling what was happening around us. It was very bothering to me. 

I like to realize what’s happening and what’s going on and what’s in store. 

“Simply unwind,” my better half said rather tranquilly, “everything is okay and we don’t have anything to fear.” 

It wasn’t anything I needed to Fear, there were simply things I needed to Know. Dread and Know are two altogether different things. 

At that point she said something, which she thought, would quiet me down a smidgen. 

“Recall that,” she said most genuinely, “that melody by Simon and Garfunkel?” 

I knew where she was going with this, yet I had nothing else to do as such I suspected I would play along. 

“No, I don’t,” I said as genuinely as could reasonably be expected. “I can’t recollect that far back.” 

She glowered at me and after that proceeded, “The Sounds of Silence.” 

“We have power, the cooling is running, the fridge is alright and the stove is working so I can cook. We don’t have anything to stress over.” 

“Simply tune in,” she proceeded, “to those awesome hints of quiet.” 

It was about that time that the downpour descended in heavy anger. I took a gander at her and grinned and she spun back to the kitchen to prepare dinner. 

Quiet is superb in case you’re responsible for it.

An excessive amount of quiet can get somewhat exasperating, at any rate to somebody like me. I appreciate the quiet when I can open a book and appreciate the writing before me. At that point I like to jump on the Internet or TV and discover what’s going on the planet. 

A lot of quiet can be irritating and after that I got to supposing, what on the planet did individuals do before we had power? 

This gave me another thankfulness for the things that I have. During those “Hints of Silence,” I started to consider every one of the gifts I have in my life. More often than not we don’t acknowledge what we have until we don’t have them any more. 

What is the one thing I could manage without? That is a hard inquiry to pose, yet I pondered it during the quietness. Something I need to gain from this experience is to consistently acknowledge what I have on the grounds that tomorrow I might not have it any more.

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